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Risk Managed Investing

Our Approach

We take our role as investment advisor representatives very seriously. We don't for a minute forget that this is your financial future we're dealing with. What we do impacts your ability to achieve the hopes and dreams for yourself and your family.

Understand that our objective is not to achieve the highest returns possible. Our objective is two-fold:

  1. To provide a consistent, reasonable rate of return, given market conditions
  2. To structure risk managed portfolios based upon your timeframe and cash flow needs.

First Rule of Investing

We are firm believers in the rule of Investing 101 - take the least amount of risk possible to achieve the rate of return needed to meet the goal. If we can meet your goal earning 6% then we invest to earn 6%. If we need a 9% return to meet your goal, we invest to earn 9%. If you need a 15% return to meet your goal, we give you the name of a travel agent and suggest you try Las Vegas.

This does not mean being an active trader trying to time the market, day trading, or any other attempt to out guess the market on a short-term basis. What it does mean is analyzing the economy, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, and positioning a portfolio to take advantage of opportunity where it presents itself and to avoid challenging events that could cause market drops. Our crystal ball is fuzzy in the short-term but we believe there are enough indications in the intermediate and long-term time frames to give indications of how we should be positioned.

Our Methodology

We utilize both a strategic and tactical approach. The strategic allocation makes up the core portfolio. This is your traditional long term investing approach - large, mid and small cap stock funds, and bond funds. The tactical allocation allows us to respond to changes in the economy and market conditions to retain gains and minimize losses. This portion of the portfolio has specialized funds and ETFs that do not follow traditional norms. They may be in specific growth sectors or areas that are not correlated to the stock market.

But we don't build portfolios just to handle market conditions. This is not a one size fits all approach. It's highly personalized, based on your cash flow needs, your investment time frame, and your tax situation. The assets in your portfolio should work together to generate income and returns when you need them, in the most tax efficient way possible.

So what's the bottom line? We invest for risk first and returns second. We manage investments based upon current economic and market conditions, in light of your financial position. Investing is not a static activity, do once and never think about it again. Just like a football coach has multiple plays based upon the circumstances, an investment manager has to have multiple strategies to implement based upon the ever-changing financial landscape. It's our job to design the plays that help win you the ball game. If you want a coach like that in your corner, request an investor qualification packet today.